About Us

Sami Construction is a construction company based in Dublin. We cater for the Dublin area with any construction and renovation service. Whether it be extensions or other building projects, we do it all! Our work is done to the highest of standards, and we follow government regulations to keep both our customers and our workers safe.


Our Skilled Team

We are a team of fully trained building professionals, and we ensure that our customers are fully aware of everything needed to build on or upgrade your property. We hope to be one of Dublin’s most trustworthy and confident construction companies, and we pride ourselves in showing this with every job we take!

It is our duty to make sure that our work is worthy of this reputation, whether it is an overhaul and extension project or a new building that we are completing. We are always available for advice in all types of real estate building, renovation and improvement 

Working in close cooperation with surveyors, interior designers and architects among others, we develop new solutions that offer an excellent value for money while maintaining priority on quality and excellence. Only professionals who have a high standard of competence and have a complete knowledge and an expert eye are able to perform our type of work.

For each phase of your project, from design of the plumbing system through to decoration, carving and complicated electrical wiring, our experienced team of professionals ensures that everything is handled in the care it deserves. We also work with trusted suppliers that directly supply materials to allow us to provide you with a varied range of options to best suit your budget.


Client-centered approach

Our goal is to provide quality production, including design, construction and completion from the initial planning stages. We work together with a large team of only the best professionals to ensure exceptional results no matter the size or shape of the construction project.

Our technical know-how and experience enable us to offer our customers innovative solutions, while still being enough flexible to adapt to their specific needs. Even in uncompromising standards, we always strive to complete our projects in the set deadlines.

We have always delivered our expertise and professionalism to enable us to establish long-term relations with our customers.


Why choose us?

We are one of Dublin‘s leading home improvement experts, especially in the project management of extensions, loft conversions, renovations, etc. Our goal is to make sure you get all your home improvements as stress free and easy as possible. Here are a number of other reasons for choosing our company:

Trustworthy and fair

We regard honesty as the best policy and maintain the highest standards of integrity. We are in the construction sector because we are passionate in this line of work. Every project we undertake is dedicated to us and we take great pride in the final product we provide.

Management of full project

For suggestions, detailed estimation, authorization as well as subcontractor coordination we provide complete project management. We are always in control, so you can rest assured that your project is in the right hand.

Great customer service

Our projects take all of our clients step by step, providing them with full operations transparency and ultimate monitoring from start to finish. We manage all projects we take on. You are building in the way you want, specifically designed for your needs. Many happy and satisfied customers have received our excellent customer service.

Speak to us now!

Please find our details on the contact page if you are interested in a project with our company. We can arrange a free initial meeting where our experienced consultants will gladly offer you advice on your project, as well as a free price estimate.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with all your building needs. Get in touch today to discover the best for your property with the best possible results.