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Add a New Bedroom!

To increase the value of the house the most, adding an extension is the best way. Extensions themselves will be contingent on the existing area of your home and land, so the question will be: do you extend up or outwards? If you are thinking about converting the existing area, maybe you do not have the money or space to build, then look at the rooms you do have – a spare room can be altered by changing the furniture, whereas converting the roof space is a larger project. Check with your local planning department for any rules or regulations that may govern any alterations you wish to start on.

Check out the value and type of homes in your area before you make plans to add an extra bedroom. If a four-bedroom house is on a street of mainly two and three-bedroom houses, you may find it hard to recoup the cost of adding a fifth or sixth bedroom.

Loft Alteration. Changing a three-bedroom home into a four-bedroom house using a roof space conversion/extension can cost $30,000-$40,000, but can add double that in market value, depending on the location. Loft alteration allows you to utilize possible space. The perk of using the roof space is that you are not taking away any of your outdoor space, as well as being exceedingly profitable.

This is made more straightforward and more efficient if you work with a professional architect to help you draw up plans that will make the best use of both the available space and the budget that you have allotted to your project. Another benefit of using an architect is they can help you work through the numerous rules and building code issues with these types of extensions. He can also provide answers to concerns such as adding windows, strengthening the floors, or increasing the air quality.

Many roof spaces contain structural features that cannot be altered, such as chimney stacks or heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installations. It is not necessary to hide these, by making plans you could make them a feature and therefore more appealing.

Try not to convert the roof space so it can only be used in one way, if you decide to sell the home in the future, a potential buyer needs to be able to project their own dreams onto the space created.

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