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Construction Solutions For Warehouse Expansion

When planning a new building project, there are a lot of things to consider. Down time, costs, disruption, value, and a host of other things are just many of the deciding factors. Oftentimes these factors can feel overwhelming, and it can make what was supposed to be a simple addition a complicated process.

It is important to start with the “why” of the project. For example, let’s say you own a large warehouse. About two thirds of the warehouse floor is used as production space, but the other third isn’t currently being used except for a small portion which is acting as storage. You need some administrative office space and don’t want to seek out a new building for this purpose. Additionally, you’d like to keep some of this storage space, but want to keep things looking organized and clean.

Going through that list of concerns above, this process can be a lot of headache and will still require a creative solution. In a situation like this, construction also becomes challenging as it can potentially inhibit facility operations. Having to stop production while construction takes places can be incredibly costly and can be a great disturbance to the facility.

Most of the time a construction project of this scale would require lots of people and construction materials coming to the facility. This process can be quite disruptive and may even require workers to be displaced. This often leads to diminished production and morale.

There is an easier solution in a new popular method of building called modular construction. All the fabrication takes place through streamlined building practices in an off-site facility. This means that the finished product isn’t subject to weather, labor or material delays. Since all the “building” is taking place in a factory, the portion that needs to be installed onsite happens very quickly. A skilled installation team can complete this process often in hours or days without disturbing the factory’s operation.

So in the above example, modular construction can offer a great solution. With the use of a mezzanine you can capitalize on extra space by building upward. On top of the mezzanine, offices and other admin space can be built using modular construction. Underneath the mezzanine still provides ample space for storage needed for the factory.

Yes, construction can sometimes feel like a headache, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Modular construction is a cost efficient, unobtrusive way to get projects completed quickly without halting production.

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