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When you let one of our Dublin electricians into your home, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality of service from an engineer who is there to complete all the work to the highest standards. No work will ever be carried out without your consent. We give a thorough explanation of the services required in order to maintain complete transparency.

Our company operates under a strict set of guidelines that ensure customer satisfaction and quality of service. In addition to our general and emergency electrical service, we also offer fire alarm service and electrical safety certificates.

We’re fully accredited to trade. Sami Construction is registered as an Approved Contractor and Domestic Installer with NICEIC. We are registered with TrustMark for our electrical work and we are members of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA). In addition, the Sami Construction Guarantee covers the work done by our tradesmen for up to 12 months.

When you book a Sami Construction electrician, you can count on the professional expertise you’re looking for. The work of all our electricians is carried out in accordance with British Standard BS 7671 “Requirements for Electrical Installation.”

Every month, our Dublin electricians perform hundreds of jobs for their customers. Some of the most common types of work they do include: 

  • New facilities
  • Changes & extensions to circuits
  • Electrical inspection and testing
  • Repairs such as sockets, switches & lighting
  • Portable Device Testing (PAT)
  • Pre-purchase visual inspection
  • Repairs of ventilation systems
  • Rewiring old or hazardous installations
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Experts in the sector

You wouldn’t trust a life-threatening surgery with a surgeon who wasn’t an expert at all. And you’re not supposed to trust the electrical work of your home with an electrician who’s not an expert. Faulty electrical work could put your home and your entire family at risk. It is not the type of work that should be done to the lowest bidder without first assessing their capabilities.

You can feel safe to let our electricians work because they are the education and training experts needed to be masters in their field. Our company employs only the best in the industry. Every electrician is carefully researched and tested before being allowed to work on the site. We are sure that we only hire the best electricians, which means that every client will do the best work possible.

Unfortunately, we’re living in a time when not all contractors can be trusted. Every year, we learn about cases where electricians perform faulty work to save time or add unnecessary costs to the quote just to make extra money. It’s a sad reality, and sometimes it just seems to get worse.

Our electric company strives to stand out from competition by maintaining strong core values of honour and integrity. We stand by the prices we quote, and we stand by the work we do. We know that if we work honestly with every customer, it will only help our business grow.

Every decent electrician begins his journey with only education and training, but in time he accumulates the experience of working with different clients. Our company hires only those electricians who have worked in the field for some time and have proved themselves time and time again.

The company’s history reflects these choices. We have a lot of happy clients all over Dublin, and every day we find new happy clients. We are more than willing to share our references with some of our most recent clients so that you can hear from them exactly what they think of our work.

You don’t just have to take their word for it of course. You can read a lot of testimonials and reviews about our company on the internet. You will find that the overwhelming majority of our clients have been extremely pleased with our work. And every time a client is not happy, we reach out to them and find out what we need to do to correct the situation.

We understand that times are hard and that many families are struggling to make ends meet. That’s why we never take advantage of our clients by charging them more than is necessary. But that doesn’t mean we’re cutting corners or making shortcuts when it comes to our workmanship. We always ensure that we do the best possible work, that is, use the best tools, the best materials and hire the best electrical contractors.

At the same time, we also want to offer our clients competitive pricing. We can never guarantee that we’re going to be the cheapest option for a job, but you can rest assured that every bit spent with our company is money well spent. This is a dramatic difference compared to many of these contracting companies who are eager to make as much money as possible from each client.

Sami Construction is a Dublin-based company, and the people of this city are our family. We’re going to treat every job with the same attention to detail as we’re going to repair our brother, sister or mother. There will be no sub-projects that receive our approval stamp.

The electrical work of your home should always be a top priority. Don’t delay the repairs any longer. Pick up your phone and call our office today to receive a quote.

  • Visual audio systems
  • Bathroom fan extractor
  • Lights of the ceiling
  • Reparation of the consumer unit
  • Consumer Replacement Unit
  • Fans of Cooker Extractor
  • Finding electrical fault
  • Electrical tests
  • Electrical wiring and repairs
  • Electric furnace installation
  • Electrical Safety Certificates
  • Electric shower setup
  • Fuse Box Reparation
  • Replacement of fuse box
  • Installing lighting on the garden
  • Installation of lighting systems
  • LED lighting system
  • Protection against lightning
  • Switches of light
  • Lighting of the mood
  • Placing of transformers
  • Testing portable appliance
  • Repair of lighting
  • Repair plug sockets
  • Replacement of extractor fans
  • Safety lighting systems
  • Switches and sockets
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Renovation of a house and innumerable restoration works has been completed in Dublin by Sami Construction. We are all focused and determined on you the customer. Your satisfaction is what drives us and helps us to build the most amazing spaces and renovate them.



We have a specialisation in rear side return and wrap round extension in design and construction of homes in Dublin. Our comprehensive, personalised service combines planning, design and completion. In Dublin, we can accommodate every need for home extension.

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Select our Dublin builders and sit back and transform your estate. We understand that it can sometimes be stressful to bring outside professionals to your home.

Our aim is always to provide you with top-class refurbishment services.

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