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Extension Ladders

Ladders are used daily by a number of people; they can be used around the house for reaching high places, decorating and getting into the attic. They are very frequently used within the building / construction industry. They allow work men to reach places that are otherwise inaccessible. Although sometimes a ladder may not give you all the height you require. There are many variations of the ladder; Fixed, Folding, Step and Orchard Ladder are but to name a few, but there is one type that is specially designed to reach higher places than any other ladder. The extension ladder is constructed of two main parts, it can be used folded together as a normal size ladder, the sliding in 2 also helps with storage. But when you require it, the two sections slide away from each other doubling the length of the ladder. Some of them have a pulley system that extends the ladder from the ground upwards and locks into place using the pawls and dogs.

Once extended these ladders can reach great heights and are also heavily relied upon by window cleaners, roofing specialists and satellite TV engineers. Even when fully extended they remain strong and stable, although the ladder can stand freely on its own, it is highly recommend that you get a another individual to stand at the bottom of the ladder and hold it in place, this gives much needed extra safety and piece of mind for the person ascending it.

There are many suppliers of these all over the world, just have a quick browse online and you will find hundreds of companies.

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