It’s been noted that after five years of stay, on average more than 8 out of 10 house owners in Ireland will look to add a home extension or change their residences in one way or another. As a leading building and design firm in Dublin, we thoroughly understand this homeowners need at Sami building.

The homeowners are requesting modifications for a number of purposes. The arrival of a new family member, new needs owing to growing children, turning an unused room into your office-at-home are just a few common examples. Extensions can be very useful in bringing value and functionality to your properties because they can be incorporated in different forms to reduce your energy costs and boost your lifestyle and performance.

We at Sami Construct are experienced in expressing your idea for the extensions and helping you make it work all the way.

Property or Home Extension:

  • The extensions we design and build aim to improve your property’s overall value whilst meeting your needs.
  • Getting well-constructed extensions is much simpler and quicker than shifting houses, while bringing value to the property.
  • Extensions such as modern kitchen supplements, turning 
    unused room spaces into your home office oconverting your basement into well-equipped 
    workout center involves practical construction and architecture. We at Sami construction offer building services and architectural design services. This will save you great deal of time and the design would be just what you would imagine.

Utility Management:

Extensions designed to minimize electricity expenses (e.g. repositioning of radiators or implementation of green technology solutions) or to upgrade plumbing (e.g. reconstruction of kitchen plumbing or development of a modern bathroom) involve extra measures to incorporate with the current facilities. In the case of energy / electricity / plumbing extensions, our professional consultants and the development department must insure that the current service network is not affected by extensions. Our chartered engineers must properly audit and approve the job done.

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