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We at Sami Construction do main building extensions and specialise in a wide range of successful projects aimed at extending your space and bringing new life to your home, both inside and out. You can add more space to create more room for a growing family or increase your property value with a home extension. Our extension designs are designed to meet your requirements and our qualified and experienced team, based in Dublin, can make them a reality in a matter of weeks.

Our staff will help you every step of the way, whether you are looking for a new house extension, a two-story rear house extension, a side extension or a complete apartment renovation. We primarily work in the Dublin area, from the very north of Dublin all the way to the south, however we also can facilitate with extensions in any other county in Ireland. We design extensions according to your requirements and we can ensure that we comply fully with building regulations and council planning. Our free quote will let you know exactly what and when you have to pay at fixed prices and timescales and how long our expert builders will take on site.

On the way through, your dedicated project manager will answer all your questions and regular progress meetings will ensure that you are always aware of what’s going on with your extension.

With our technical expertise, we at Sami Construction aim to provide our customers with innovative solutions to make ideas which work for you, the customer, being flexible enough to adapt to your individual needs. We always strive to finalise projects with no compromises or corners cut!


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If you are interested implementing an extension onto your property, or if you feel like you may benefit from extra living space for you and your family, call us on (01) 564 4851 for a free quote. Our free, obligatory site surveyor would be pleased to show you how an extension may be built and how much extra room you may gain with this type of project.

To give you some peace of mind, our 10 year warranty covers all of our house extensions in Dublin. Once your project is finished, we  will provide all the necessary certification and documents.

We would be glad to be in charge of your renovation project. If you have any inquiries, do not fret and use the Messenger icon on the bottom right of the screen to contact us instantly!

An extension house is not only a great way to extend your living space, but also a way of making your house feel fresh without the hassle or expense of moving out and purchasing a new property, especially in the current expensive housing environment in Dublin. The expertise that Sami Construction offers is trustworthy and adapts to your vision when building your house extension, as each house is, after all, a personal and private space with different preferences for every homeowner in terms of its internal and external properties. Sami Construction designs and constructs extensions throughout Dublin and successfully turns countless buildings into customers’ dream homes. Sami Construction’s magnificent work can be found on our website and can only be a spark of inspiration.

We use high quality materials and forward­ thinking techniques to deliver your new extension in the most timely, cost­ effective way possible to make you, the customer, happy. Our Dublin builders team are fully ­qualified and bring experience and skill to each project they work on. Trusted by people and families throughout Dublin, Sami Construction has an impeccable reputation in Dublin for building space ­efficient, stylish and sturdy house extensions.

We will give you a clear, detailed home extension quotation right up to the finished painting work and talk you through each aspect of the price. By combining our experience with innovative thinking, we can offer cost­ effective solutions without ever compromising on quality or safety.

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We at Sami Construction have completed numerous renovations and restoration works in Dublin. We are all focused on the customer, and your satisfaction with our work is what drives us to put all our effort into building and renovating the most amazing spaces.



We at Sami Construction specialise in rear side and wrap around extension design and construction in Dublin homes. Our comprehensive and personalised service combines planning, design and completion all in one. In Dublin, we can accommodate every need for home extension.

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Select our Dublin builders, sit back and transform your residence. We understand that it can sometimes be stressful to bring external professionals to your home, however our aim is always to provide you with top-class refurbishment services.

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