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Foam Pit Construction

Foam Pits in 5 Steps

Gymnastics and Foam Pit construction

Move 1

Figure out space required to accomplish the intended tips or maneuvers. Believe larger sized for Moto-cross, BMX and Skateboarding as extra speed and altitude are usually associated. Size is ordinarily the next most critical dimension to take into consideration usually erring on the aspect of caution. When thinking of the length of the pit contemplate how quick and far is possible for the athlete and then prolong it a tiny to supply a secure cushion. Depth is the most important dimension as the sum of blocks between the landing and the tricky floor under is the amount of cushion or load deflection that the pit gives. Typically a protected depth for Gymnastics is 6-8 toes. This depth would very likely be sufficient for most skateboarding and BMX apps as nicely. Moto-cross promotions with greater speeds larger top and much more bodyweight so picking out a pit depth on the again close of the spectrum is intelligent even further it’s possible. Ultimately identifying width and siding is critical to guarantee security. Consider the probable selection of mistake from remaining to ideal and choose a realistic space for landing. Again pace and length outcomes the chance for error in a course and need to be taken into thing to consider.

Stage 2

Take into account the real place. Within? Outdoors? Over Ground? Below Floor? These are all inquiries that will have to be answered when locating in which you system on building your pit. Inside of pits are popular for gymnastics which eliminates the get worried of rain or snow. Outside the house pits are common for snowboarding, moto-cross, and other extreme athletics. These pits should really almost certainly use addresses or water resistant blocks to resist the factors. Foam naturally functions extremely substantially like a sponge and right after rain with no a include a pit will be quite damp and if left like that it will very likely increase mildew there are normally issues of illness soon after employing a dirty foam pit. Over ground pits are probable but should nevertheless satisfy all the dimensional security steps outlined earlier mentioned, in particular depth.

Move 3

Compute the quantity of blocks desired to fill a pit. The math is a very simple quantity calculation, size * width * peak * .7 * 8 = # of 6″ blocks or
length * width * peak * .7 * 8 = # of 8″ blocks. These are field standard calculations.

Step 4

Decide on a block density. The larger the block density the much more load deflection or the safer they are for the athlete. Lower density blocks will help save income but may not be as risk-free.

Stage 5

Fill your pit, have fun and normally exercise securely!


Periodically Pits really should be fluffed as the foam will compact with recurring influence and supply fewer safety. Churning up the blocks prevents this from getting to be an issue. Blocks really should also be periodically changed with new blocks the two for cleanliness and basic safety as the foam will get crushed up.

Security Warnings

Warning – Even with a top quality pit neck and again injuries can even now manifest, make each exertion not to land on the head or neck to reduce chance irrespective of the pit.
Warning – Landing in the pit in an arched situation primarily in a frontward position can hyperextend and injure the back.
Warning – Landing on your knees, especially in an arched position in the pit can cause hyperextension injuries to the again.

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