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Home Construction Safety Tips and Advice

There are many household projects that involve the use of extension ladders and step ladders. For instance you may be planning to re-caulk the windows, clean the eves trough, or even make the attempt to re-shingle your own roof. Whatever the project may be, many unforeseen accidents occur just from lack of safety consideration. Safety is not just a factor that must be considered at a construction site, but even within the confines of our own homes, safety must be practiced.

Here are a few examples of ways to ensure safe completion of any home project includes the use of a couple of common tools.

Extension Ladders

When using an extension ladder, there have been many instances where the ladder is either set up to steep or much too shallow. Extension ladders should be set up in a way that the angle is at a ratio of 4:1. For every 4 ft. of height that the ladder extends, the bottom of the ladder should be a distance of 1 ft. away from the wall. So if the ladder is extended 12 feet in height, then the foot of the ladder should be away from the wall 4 ft. This distance will ensure proper balance and stability when in use.

Once the ladder is set up properly another safety practice is to make sure that the top sides of the ladder extend at least 3 ft past the access and egress point. Also the top of the ladder should be tied or secured in a way that will prevent the ladder from toppling.

The third safety measure that we should use is to tie the bottom rung of the ladder to a point in front of the bottom rung as to prevent the bottom from sliding out from under t, rope or even tie wire is sufficient.

Use of Circular Saw

Before even attempting to use the circular a short inspection will help prevent any unforeseen accident. Check the plug and cord for slices or fraying, any evidence of shorting such as black scorching around the plug should prompt replacement of the cord or plug. Any missing connectors on the plug will indicate replacement. Check blade condition. Any teeth missing or carbides missing should also indicate replacement. Such blades will promote rough cutting and running of the saw, which leads to binding, kick backs and accidents.

When replacing blades or doing any work on a circular saw or any power tool always be sure to disconnect power before commencing repairs or replacements. Always use a circular saw in a power source that is equipped with a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter)and always use a heavy duty extension cord. Once all is well and inspection passes, always remember to wear safety classes with side shields when using a circular saw.

Some overall home safety tips

Always keep a first aid kit near any place that work may be done, i.e. basement tool shop,
garage, garden shed.

Keep emergency numbers close at hand, police, ambulance, poison control, etc.

Any fire extinguisher should be of proper class and category for where ever it is to be installed,
local fire departments would have this information at hand when considering to install one.

Keep all poisonous and chemical solvents stored out of the reach of children.

When using power tool or machines such as lawn mowers, tractor mower, be sure not to wear loose ragged clothing or jewelry that may have a chance of being caught in the mechanisms.
Dispose of oily rags or gas filled rags and never use gasoline to clean tools or hands.

Do not store gasoline indoors, use a specified area in the garage or out door shed.

Read all instruction on solvents containers and chemical products before use.

This is just a short look at some safety factors we should consider in an around the house hold.

Follow these safety tips and any others that you are familiar with when using the house hold tools mentioned above and practice the overall safety tips with any home construction project, and enjoy a safe family lifestyle.

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