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Isolation is one of the best investments you can make and once done, if any maintenance is required, it will take little. It changes greatly in terms of comfort and allows you to easily regulate your home temperature throughout the year. During the cold winter months it will be warmer indoors and you will notice a considerable reduction in the heating bills, plus if your property is damp or condensed, they will be something of the past. Choose our advanced external wall isolation system and your neighbours will be envied because your external walls will get a stunning insulation. Do not only take our word – check out what Sami Construction has to say to our many happy customers.

  • External wall insulation – a layer of isolating block are attached with a weatherproof rendering on your property.
  • Loft isolation – the cheapest way to save on energy costs by isolating your loft floor with mineral wool rolls.
  • Interior wall insulation – ideal to retain the present look of your property, but to reduce heating costs and warm your home. This is an ideal solution. Room by room can be achieved and is popular in apartments and homes.
  • Comprehensive garage solutions – Our specialist insulating systems can prevent heat from escaping from rooms joining the integrated garage.
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Our Home insulation Services

Subjects of wall coverage include rendering, damp instillation, plastering and decorations, we specialise in external wall insulation. We also offer powerful windows and doors, new boilers and loft insulation. In our field, we adhere to strict industry standards.

The most advanced and efficient solution for isolating homes without cavity walls. The layered system of Sami Construction acts as a shield to your property. It helps avoid heat, protects your walls from the components and gives you an intelligent new finish.

Loft insulation is one of the cheapest ways to reduce and warm your house. We use mineral wool of high quality and ensure that your loft is properly ventilated in order to avoid condensation. BBA is accredited as a professional service.

Interior wall insulation is ideal if you want to keep your property’s current appearance, but want to cut your heating bills and warm you up. Room by room can be done and is particularly popular for apartments and housing.

Warm air rises and your ceiling isolation is an effective way to avoid heat loss. It is also highly effective in cellars and integral garages for extensions and top floor rooms.

This is a highly effective method to insulate property or extension ceilings with flat roofs when more extensive roofing is necessary.

Should your loft conversion feel too cold in winter and too warm in summer, its isolation may be improved. In order to address all key areas, we use thermal imaging.

The older your extension, the colder or damper it will feel. It can be as cosy as the rest of your house with our specialist insulation system.

Our specialised insulation systems can stop heat leaking through the walls and ceiling of an integrated garage from the neighbouring living rooms.

Uninsulated floors can lose up to 15% of your home’s heat. Where possible, floors in the ground level should always be isolated.

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We have a specialisation in rear side return and wrap round extension in design and construction of homes in Dublin. Our comprehensive, personalised service combines planning, design and completion. In Dublin, we can accommodate every need for home extension.

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