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How to Fulfill Ireland Staircase Building Restrictions

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No matter whether you are setting up a entire new staircase or just a refurbishment of your current stair balustrade, you want to make sure that your stairs comply with recent Eire building laws. Several more mature staircases might not satisfy today’s specifications, so setting up new handrails, spindles and newel posts will give you a probability to provide your staircase up to day in phrases of basic safety as effectively as appears to be. Right here is a quick run-down of the most important details relating to personal domestic stairs that you need to be knowledgeable of:

Stair pitch

The stair pitch, or steepness, is quite critical for security. Just about every phase ought to be stage and have the exact increase (height) and the exact going (depth). For occasion, you won’t be able to have 190mm for the to start with four risers adopted by 200mm for the relaxation, as this would be confusing for the user.

An exception to this rule is if there is a landing halfway up the stairs, in which scenario just about every segment of the staircase can be dealt with in another way. Even so, this is not proposed.

These are the permitted measurements:

· The utmost rise, or height, for any move should be 220mm, with the minimal becoming 150mm.

· Each stage has to have a minimum going, or depth, of 220mm, and a most likely of 300mm.

· The highest pitch, or steepness, need to not exceed 42°.

Stair width

Feel it or not, there is no suggestion for the minimal width of a domestic staircase. Even so, to guarantee that your stairs are satisfying to the eye and comfortable to use it is most effective to make the staircase at least 800mm extensive, with the optimum advised width being concerning 850mm and 950mm.

When it will come to loft conversions, the commonly approved minimal width is 600mm, though amongst 700mm and 750mm is encouraged.

On staircases that alter route, you are allowed to make every flight a distinctive width if essential.

Stair size

A flight of stairs can contain up to 36 risers, or methods, in a straight line. Right after that, they need to modify way by at minimum 30°. This is to interrupt falls and protect against any individual tumbling a very long way down to the base of the stairs.


A landing can either be a flat platform wherever the stairs modify way, or element of the floor at the major or bottom of the staircase. For safety, the landing ought to be at minimum as extensive and deep as the narrowest component of the stairs. All landings require to be wholly amount except for the floor ground, where by a slight gradient (up to 1:60) is permitted. In addition, no door really should be equipped to swing nearer than 400mm to the front of any phase.

Head area

There is a least head home prerequisite of 2m at all details both equally on and off the stairs. In the circumstance of loft conversions the accessible headroom will meet up with building polices as prolonged as the height at the centre of the staircase is at the very least 1.9m, and does not cut down to much less than 1.8m at the facet of the stairs.

Some building management officers may well be lenient if you are acquiring authentic difficulty with your loft stairs, but you should always examine with them in advance of going in advance.


Your stairs need to have a handrail on at the very least a person aspect if the staircase is less than 1m large, and rail on both equally sides if the stairs are broader than this. You will not have to fit a handrail on the initially two methods up from the bottom, but right after this place you need to make absolutely sure there is a handrail on any open up components of the staircase to secure folks likely up and down.

The handrail peak requires to be amongst 900mm and 1000mm as measured from the pitch line to the best of the handrail. (The pitch line is an imaginary line drawn throughout the suggestion of the treads demonstrating the slope of the staircase from leading to base.)

Thoughts the gap

One particular of the most crucial policies, aimed at protecting smaller little ones and avoiding falls, is that a 100mm sphere ought to not be equipped to pass by any opening on a staircase. This indicates you need to be certain that the spindles, or balusters, are not way too far aside, and that any wide gaps concerning open up risers are fitted with riser bars to lower the size of the openings.

Stair balustrades really should also be built so that small children are not inspired to climb up them. For this rationale previous-fashioned ‘ranch style’ banisters with horizontal stair rails must be replaced with vertical spindles.

Be sure to take note that these policies only use to houses in Ireland and, for the most element, Wales and Northern Eire. Scotland has its very own established of building restrictions.

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