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You can use one of three options to have your own home—purchase an existing one, buy a home from a developer, or choose a new build. Each of them have their own pros and cons, but if you are looking to own your dream home, building from scratch may be your best option. Our New Builds Contractor service is here help with any new build you may want to create.

If you’re looking for the best building contractors to build your new home, we at Sami Construction provide high-quality services within your budget. As one of Dublin’s leading new home builders, we have everything we need to ensure that your new home build is of the highest quality with a superior finish.

Behind our success is our team of highly qualified and professional experts and contractors with years of experience in the construction of luxurious yet eco-friendly new homes and home extensions throughout the Dublin. By using the necessary skills and equipment, we are working hard to deliver the luxury new build you’ve envisioned.

We are so confident in the quality of our work that we provide our clients with a ten-year structural guarantee for all our work. In addition, we take great care of our clients and have established long-term relationships with them, many of whom recommended our services to their friends and family.


Build and construction

This package will work closely with our award-winning builders to prepare architectural drawings and secure the permission of the local authorities before our team of experienced housebuilders build the best new home to suit your needs and lifestyles.

Our designer can then help you select the perfect interiors to reflect your personality and style. We are always working with you to make sure your new luxury property is perfect to every detail.

Our services allow you to have a luxury home perfectly reflecting your unique and personal sense of style and personality, which gives everyone amazement.

We can build your new house to the highest standard in line with your specifications and plans if you have already employed architects. You can make your house the perfect place with our highly qualified carpenters, painters and decorators.

We have all the tools and equipment necessary to implement your project design in every detail, together with experience. Once completed, we will issue you all construction certificates and a structural guarantee of fifteen years.

This guarantees the respect of the local laws and regulations of your completed new buildings and the implementation of your project according to your specifications.

  • New buildings are most cost efficient: New buildings have the most up-to-date technologies, which are used to save energy efficiently.
  • New buildings have the lowest maintenance rate: No renovations and reparations are required in new buildings for several years after they’re built, so yo can remain stress-free after a brand new build.
  • New constructions are usually focused on security and safety: New constructions usually have safety and security alarms, such as fume and burglar alarms.
  • New buildings do not need to be terraced: Terraced buildings have certain benefits, but detached houses are much more private and have much more space surrounding the house.
  • Everything is new in new constructions: All appliances function perfectly as they are new and renovation would not be required for a few years.
  • New builds, especially in Dublin, have greater market value: A new building will definitely be more valuable than an older one if you decide to sell your house in a few years.
  • New constructions are adapted to new innovations and solutions: New constructions work together with smart and innovative solutions
  • New buildings are always eligible for mortgages
  • New constructions can be adapted to meet your requirements

You can always purchase an old house or a new build when you decide to purchase a house. However you have many benefits in choosing a new build. You should remember that not every build is the same, but you’re not going to be sorry about choosing our building contractors!

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We at Sami Construction have completed numerous renovations and restoration works in Dublin. We are all focused on the customer, and your satisfaction with our work is what drives us to put all our effort into building and renovating the most amazing spaces.



We at Sami Construction specialise in rear side and wrap around extension design and construction in Dublin homes. Our comprehensive and personalised service combines planning, design and completion all in one. In Dublin, we can accommodate every need for home extension.

House build

Select our Dublin builders, sit back and transform your residence. We understand that it can sometimes be stressful to bring external professionals to your home, however our aim is always to provide you with top-class refurbishment services.

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