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Painting and Decorating

For more than 40 years we have been renovating and modernising homes and workplaces, and we have offices in Dublin, so we’re never far too far from wherever we decorate.

We are experienced residential and commercial painting designers who paint and decorate the interior or the exterior, including thorough preparation and lighting, decorating and high-end finishes. We are also able to wallpaper and do smaller construction work. We are dealing with projects ranging from small bungalows, schools, churches and even factories in big buildings.

Apartments, apartments, bungalows and houses, residential painting and decoration services.

Commercial offices, retail shops, hotels, schools and restaurants painting services.

Painting and decorating services for nurseries, schools, schools and universities during holiday periods.

Outdoor professional painting and decorating services in residential, commercial and school buildings.


Why select us?

Our expertise, as trusted and established painters and designers based in Dublin, guarantees the best professional advice and results – results that we always promise, achieved through our dedicated team which always communicates highly with our customers and provides a friendly, courteous, clean and dependable service.

Our core services are residential and commercial painting and decorating, but when necessary we are happy to supply plasters and carpentry.

Our Dublin offices and our team of painters are based throughout Dublin.

The basis for our success is the combination of experienced, fully qualified home and business decorators, a rigorous quality control and flexible working hours.

We are one of the best Dublin painting and decorating companies according to our customers and that’s something our reviews back!

  • 40 years of experience in Dublin as a painter and designer
  • One of Dublin’s most experienced decorators
  • Suggestions provided for each quote
  • An estimator will be sent to you conveniently
  • Friendly, trusted designers
  • Quality control questionnaire sent after each job has been completed
  • Guarantee: any corrections to the original work carried out for up to two years
  • Service of decorating efficient, clean and professionally
  • It covers Dublin and its surroundings
  • Painting and decorating services inside and outside
  • Residential and business decorating services
  • Membership in quality characteristics trade organisations
  • Company compliant with health and safety
  • Supervisor of quality control on all jobs
Painting and Decorating Ireland
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Renovation of a house and innumerable restoration works has been completed in Dublin by Sami Construction. We are all focused and determined on you the customer. Your satisfaction is what drives us and helps us to build the most amazing spaces and renovate them.



We have a specialisation in rear side return and wrap round extension in design and construction of homes in Dublin. Our comprehensive, personalised service combines planning, design and completion. In Dublin, we can accommodate every need for home extension.

House build

Select our Dublin builders and sit back and transform your estate. We understand that it can sometimes be stressful to bring outside professionals to your home.

Our aim is always to provide you with top-class refurbishment services.

new house build
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