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Simple Renovation Projects That Add Value to Your Home

As the famous saying goes, “first impressions last”. If you have house that’s dark, gloomy or totally unappealing from the outside, chances are its value will drop and no one would ever want to buy the property should you decide to sell it. A real estate consultant once quipped that a good first impression helps to add around 5 to 10 percent to the current value of your house. So what are the best ways for improving your home’s look and feel, and what’s the best way for undertaking a feasible home improvement project?

First, do a visual survey of your property, walk around and find out whether the exteriors of your home look outdated, dark and drab. If it does look drab and gloomy, you could apply fresh paint on the outside walls to make them look fresh and new. You can either do this by yourself, or you could hire a contractor to do the job as well. Adding flowers to your home’s pathway or entrance, as well as mowing your lawn and adding some furniture on your patio should help make it look more appealing and attractive.

A well-lit and spacious house should do wonders, as well as serve as a magnet for attracting more visitors along with prospective buyers. For instance, if your rooms are quite small and look dull and dark, then you may wish to remove some walls to open the room and allow sunlight to rush in. It may also be a good idea if you could combine your kitchen, living room and dining room to make it look roomier and a bit wider. Remember that well-lit, spacious and airy rooms can be very inviting and also help add to your homes’ value as well. However, you need to carefully consider your budget before starting any home improvement plans. Buying expensive pieces of equipment or furnishings do not necessarily mean you’d fetch handsome returns quickly. Remember that you need not over-improve, because you only need to do improvements on areas or departments that you feel are important for prospective buyers.

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