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An attic conversion is a great way to improve the value of your home. An attic conversion is also a great way to transform unused space into a brand new bedroom, bathroom or office in your home. Depending upon your residence type, there are different types of attic conversions that can be done. Besides the type of house, the area will determine what type of planning authorization is necessary and how we can make the conversion. No matter the conversion, we can ensure that the conversion allows you to meet your needs whilst also ensuring the most space and quality for your money!

We at Sami Construction work both in Dublin as well as in other counties. Since 2000, we have provided attic conversion to many satisfied homeowners. We have been working only word of mouth since we have been established, we don’t advertise and each customer we have worked for in the past has heard of our attic conversions from a previous client. We strive to keep our work at the highest quality for each one of our customers. The service we provide starts with the first free consultation, and we stay there during the entire process, even after the attic conversion has been completed. We have copies of original customer letters that were sent to us after completion on our testimonial page to get an idea of the work and service we provide.

If you want sunlight to flood inside your home through generous Velux windows, some floor-to-top glazed walls and doors to your own balcony, with some extra head-height and extra space at home, an elegant new bedroom with a private bathroom with an airy art studio, home office or children’s playroom may be what you need!

When you’re considering a shelter conversion in North Dublin or anywhere in the City, you’ll have no doubt over a million questions – from the complex planning permits, the timing of the project, the amount of trouble for you and your neighbours, the fine design – we are here to answer any and all your questions. Our dedicated upper-end attic conversion service allows us to be there for you when you call, to listen to your needs, to respond to your wishes and answers your question.



We are specialised in the design and construction of 100 percent attic conversion. In just a few weeks, our surprisingly affordable projects will be designed to meet your needs. This is your dream of converting an attic with minimal fuss and maximum content.

Our aim is to help you get the most out of your attic. We are a Dublin based company serving the whole of Dublin and surrounding counties. Whether you’re looking to add an extra bedroom, a playroom, a home gym, a movie room, a relaxing space, a modern bathroom, a study room, an office space or a walk-in wardrobe, your options are endless.

If you would like a chat about your options, call us on (01) 564 4851. We would be more than happy to guide you through your options and give you advice.

We carry out many designs here in Sami Construction and are building and turning attics across Dublin into beautiful spaces. Some Dubliners, especially those with a growing family, need more space but cannot move homes. Others seek that one room in the house to call their own. Whatever attic conversion you’re looking for, look no further than Sami Construction.

Our goal is to make our attic conversions as simple and stress-free as much as possible. We can take care of the entire process, from designing & building to providing you with a dedicated project manager, including all architectural design, planning authorisations, design calculations and construction.

Think of selling your home and moving out? You can increase the value of your home by as much as 25% with the addition of a fully converted attic in Dublin. This means that an attic conversion may be a valuable investment for would-be home sellers! Attic conversions are among the most popular home upgrades. They are less expensive than an extension or other types of home upgrades, but you can still increase your living space without having to move homes entirely!

The Sami Construction team understands that Dublin has no two exact same attic conversions: not only because of the varied choice of property in Dublin, but because of the wide variety of people, tastes, and lifestyles. For every attic conversion project we undertake, we work hard to adapt to the customer’s needs and include all it may require.

Whether it be the latest available bathroom suites and wet rooms, or amazing design characteristics, such as skylights, Julian balconies and more, we can and will include all your ideal attic conversion requires. You may want to talk about the type of attic conversion that you are looking for, such as an attic dormant conversion, an attic dormer conversion or an attic converting hip to a gable. We can also install staircases, storage and furnishings, and all of our services include lighting and electrical services.

You don’t need planning permission for attic conversions if you’re not changing the structure of the roof and your only installing Velux windows at the rear of the house.

Loft conversions are a major home improvement project that will take a majority of your attention during the duration of the project. The benefits of finishing an attic conversions project far out weight the temporary inconvenience they cause because they will serve to add additional space and financial value to your home that will only increase for many years to come. It’s important to gather all of the information, materials and all other necessary components of this job before you begin it in order to ensure that it is completed properly and doesn’t end up costing you money.

While this is a common choice for attic conversions, you don’t have to settle for a few painted walls and a desk. With spacious windows, specific colors, comfortable furniture and a layout designed to improve productivity; luxury home offices can take your motivation for work to the next level.

Many roofs now have solar panels that we need to work around or sometimes move to get the Velux windows placed in the desired position.

Contact us today for a free site survey and get your own tailor-made attic conversion to set the ball rolling. See below for a selection of our favourite attic conversions we have completed in the past.

Here on our site you will also see plenty of details on the attic conversion planning process, your attic conversion costs, attic storage ideas, case studies, a gallery for previous projects we at Sami Construction have undertaken and customer testimonials. This will help you taste the entirely unique service we offer.

If you think that we at Sami Construction could help turn your attic into something really special, why not contact us today? Whether you want to convert an attic in or outside Dublin, you could be anywhere in Ireland and we can help. Call or fill out an online enquiry to arrange a free home survey on our website’s ‘Contact Us’ page or call us on (01) 564 4851. We will provide an affordable estimate for the work you need and work can commence once you are happy.

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